Colin is one of the original members of Dario Radio and has honed his unique talents to become quite a self-standing force in the entertainment world. His extensive vocal and piano training are fully apparent when he takes the stage and he puts that to good use in Dueling shows as well as solo shows!  He is definitely one for weddings and private parties.

(tambien habla español, pero para que?)

Elissa comes to us with extensive classical and contemporary music training. You might see her at restaurants, hotels, churches, choral concerts, but soon you will also see her at weddings, private parties and maybe even a dueling show! Her elegance is unmistakeable and unforgettable.

Jose is a modest savant, or maybe he just doesn't know it. When we need to class up a gig, we send him in. His Jazz skills are remarkable and add the perfect musical landscape for any occasion. He is our lead pianist for our Jazz Combos. 


Troy is a veteran in the world of Dueling Pianists. He rocks hard on those keys and really gets crowds going. His extensive knowledge of classics and sing-alongs gets any crowd going. He also burns up the stage with a harmonica AND and an accordion on special occasions. His vast experience is matched by less than a handful on this globe. Troy is most at home in the rowdiest atmospheres and  also ironically with audiences who can appreciation old forgotten classics. Dario Radio uses his well-rounded and monstrous talents as often as possible.

Dario is the founder of Dario Radio Entertainment, but is passionate about displaying the talents of other hardworking artists. He taught piano and guitar for 17 years for the same reasons; the love of music. You can find him blowing up piano bars, or in a dueling pianos show with an energy level that goes unmatched. He also plays acoustic guitar for "WEEKNIGHT SPECIAL" as well as for wedding ceremonies. He will also occasionally front a large band or MC a wedding. Doing sing-alongs at private parties are his favorite gig and prides himself on doing modern songs you didn't think could be done on the piano. (se canta español)

Howard brings a quality of music to Dario Radio that stands out. His strengths in Classical, Broadway Music and Gospel tell you he is no man to mess with on the piano. He is what we call "TopShelf" when you are looking for a classy ambiance. Perfect for restaurants, weddings, corporate mixers and lounges, Howard can also be a session musician, or an accompanist for any occasion. He also plays jazz piano making him an incredibly well rounded addition to Dario Radio, and extremely versatile to adjust to any room you put him in.

Robert is a show choir director by day, wild piano man by night. He is a lot of fun to watch and sing along with. His repertoire will astound you and so will his rap skills! He'll fire off lyrics as fast as he'll fire off notes on the piano. He specializes in modern music, musicals and other sing-alongs. If your event calls for an additional dose of energy, make sure you request Robert - for Dueling Pianos Shows and Solo Shows.